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CRANE DECKS Loading Platforms for Construction projects  Australia Wide

If you need a materials handling solution for your multi storey and high rise projects, look no further than CRANE DECKS. No matter if you are constructing a brand new high rise or renovating an existing structure, CRANE DECKS can help.

With a Safe Working Limit of 5000kg at 4.5m and with one of the largest outboards on the market at 2500kg at 5.25m, our innovative design provides the efficient accessibility your project needs, while never compromising on safety.


About CRANE DECKS Australia

Established by market leaders in the Tower Crane, Man & Materials Hoist and Construction industries, CRANE DECKS Australia are a Sydney based company that have expanded nationwide. Designed and manufactured in Australia and with distributors in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and soon to include Western Australia and New Zealand, CRANE DECKS can provide our outstanding product to almost any construction project.

We understand the unique set of challenges that High-Rise construction presents and our design is backed up by our extensive experience in such working environments.


The perfect access solution when working with cranes

From providing generous payloads and usable space to ease of transport and a host of safety features, our crane decks are already proving themselves indispensable to all types of contractors and site managers that rely on cranes. With rear rollers for ease of use, and built-in safety harness points as standard, we are confident that our CRANE DECKS provide the most cost effective and efficient solution to working at heights.

When our CRANE DECKS are not in use or need to be transported they benefit from the ability to stack flat and interlock into each other for added site and in-transit safety.

Crane Decks

Top Ten Reasons to choose CRANE DECKS

  • Rear Rollers for ease of installation – no extra equipment required

  • Maximum Outboard of 5250mm – one of the biggest outboards on the market

  • Easy Push/Pull system

  • Simple Locking system

  • Built in adjustable props

  • Conveniently located anchor points for safe use

  • Stackable for storage and transport ease

  • User Friendly – can be operated by one person if necessary

  • Can be customised to suit your projects requirements and has a range of accessories to fit

  • Proudly Australian owned and manufactured

For more information, call CRANE DECKS Australia on 1300 DECKS 1.